Things to do in Sunriver

A Perfect Reason To Love Sunriver Oregon

by Sunriver Homes on July 1, 2012

Summer in Sunriver brings people from all walks of life together to enjoy all that mother-nature has to offer. If you visit Sunriver in the summer, you’ll notice that families especially love to gather together the parents, grandparents, kids and grandkids during the warm months of summer to spend some leisure time just enjoying one […]

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In episode one of my new video series, “The Sunriver Real Estate Show” we take a look at the new Sunriver Ice Skating Rink and what new features it has to offer to those who love this longstanding Sunriver tradition. Here’s a transcript of the show: Ice skating has been a part of the Sunriver […]

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A Reflection Back At Summer In Sunriver Oregon

by Sunriver Homes on December 13, 2011

The uber talented Cody Cha has once again created a breathtaking video of Sunriver and the surrounding countryside. Feast your eyes on scenery that captures the essence of the tranquil beauty of Sunriver and Central Oregon. For many, Sunriver represents an escape from the grinding pace of life. It’s forested sanctuary offers visitors, and a […]

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Mt Bachelor Discount Tickets & Sunriver Vacation Savings

by Sunriver Homes on December 8, 2011

With ski and snowboarding season upon us, many who are visiting Sunriver are looking for the best deals for Mt Bachelor and Sunriver. This post is dedicated to helping you maneuver the playing field of Mt Bachelor discounts and provide you with multiple opportunities to save on Mt Bachelor skiing and snowboarding and Sunriver vacation […]

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2011 Sunriver Festival of Cars A Feast For The Eyes

by Sunriver Homes on September 18, 2011

If you are a lover of exotic sports cars and other rare model cars, then Sunriver, Oregon was the place to be on Saturday, September 17th, 2011. The annual Sunriver Festival of Cars was held behind the Sunriver Lodge on the Meadows Golf Course. The highlighted cars this year in the festival were Italian Sports […]

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It’s amazing how quickly the construction of the new Sunriver Pools and recreational facilities is happening! As you can see from the video above, the Indoor Facility of the Sunriver Aquatic Center is nearly completely erected and you can see the shapes of some of the pools being formed. Once completed, SHARC (Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic […]

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Sunriver is known for it’s many wilderness and Mountain activities. When most people think of Sunriver, they think of skiing, hiking, rafting, cycling, rock climbing and golfing. But, did you know that you can actually surf in Sunriver too? That’s right, Mavericks, a private swimming and fitness facility, has a Flowrider machine which allows you […]

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Sunriver Ice Skating Rink Now Open

by Sunriver Homes on December 20, 2010

The newly anticipated Sunriver Ice Skating Rink has now been opened up this month. Long a tradition of Sunriver, the old ice skating rink was looking very tired and worn. Thankfully the new Village Mall owners have done a great job of completely reinventing the entire structure so that it is larger, more attractive, and […]

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Story Of A Pure Moment I Had In Sunriver Oregon

by Sunriver Homes on November 12, 2010

The darkness of the night was just enveloping Sunriver. The scent in the air was changing from a pungent pine forest, to a faintly mossy sage. The ground around me was beginning to emanate the heat from the sun earlier that day, and the ever so slightest, cool breeze wafted around me. It wasn’t the […]

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A Stellar Twist On Playing Golf In Sunriver

by Sunriver Homes on August 10, 2010

OK, we all know that if there is one sport that defines Sunriver it would have to be Golf. Golf helped put Sunriver on the map and make it one of the Pacific Northwest’s most beloved getaways. But let’s face it, Sunriver gets all four seasons and if you’ve every tried to play golf on […]

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