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The Sunriver Aquatic Center (SHARC) is now open. You’re going to love all there is to do at the new pool complex in Sunriver. Features at the new Sunriver complex include: 1. Indoor Pool with Kids Water Playground, Vortex Pool, Water Basketball & Swim Lanes 2. Outdoor Kids Lagoon with zero entry 3. Pool Jungle […]

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When coming to visit Sunriver Oregon, many people want to know where they can find the best deal on a Sunriver vacation rental. Are there some hidden secrets to getting a discounted price on a Sunriver rental? The answer is yes! I’ve created a new video series called, “The Sunriver Real Estate Show” which will […]

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A Sunriver Winter Greetings To You

by Sunriver Homes on December 28, 2011

It’s hard to believe that 2012 is right around the corner. Where did the time go? No doubt all of us are looking at the new year and making plans for the things we wish to accomplish. I hope that you find success in all your plans and most importantly are healthy and happy through […]

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Story Of A Pure Moment I Had In Sunriver Oregon

by Sunriver Homes on November 12, 2010

The darkness of the night was just enveloping Sunriver. The scent in the air was changing from a pungent pine forest, to a faintly mossy sage. The ground around me was beginning to emanate the heat from the sun earlier that day, and the ever so slightest, cool breeze wafted around me. It wasn’t the […]

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Yes…Sunriver Oregon Really Is That Special!

by Sunriver Homes on October 19, 2010

Sunriver Resort Morning from Cody Cha on Vimeo. I’ve been meaning to write a post about a special moment I had in Sunriver a few weeks ago. I promise I’ll blog about it and why it was so special, but in the meantime I came across the video above created by the talented Cody Cha […]

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As one of the most popular recreation destinations on the West Coast, Sunriver, Oregon is a place for everyone who loves the outdoors, wants some peace and quiet and commune with nature. With it’s golf courses, tennis courts, pools, bike and nature trails, horseback riding, river fun, observatory and a host of other outdoor activities, […]

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Sunriver Home & Condo Sales April 2010

by Sunriver Homes on May 7, 2010

Trees and flowers are not the only thing that begins blooming in Sunriver as the weather gets warmer. The real estate activity begins to grow as well and April definitely saw more activity than March’s Sunriver Homes and Condo sales. A total of 12 Sunriver properties sold with another 14 homes and condos receiving accepted […]

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Sunriver Homes For Sale

by Sunriver Homes on March 25, 2010

Sunriver is considered by many to be the Grand Dame of Resort Living here in the Central Oregon region.  No other resort community has the number of housing options, amenities, community or entertainment options as Sunriver. Not surprisingly, Sunriver has taking on a bit of a cult following much like Sun Valley as the place […]

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