A Perfect Reason To Love Sunriver Oregon

by Sunriver Homes on July 1, 2012

Summer in Sunriver brings people from all walks of life together to enjoy all that mother-nature has to offer. If you visit Sunriver in the summer, you’ll notice that families especially love to gather together the parents, grandparents, kids and grandkids during the warm months of summer to spend some leisure time just enjoying one anothers company in the midst of the great outdoors. It’s really too bad that in the age of technology, computers, cell phones, video games and an the ever faster pace of life, that the precious time with our families can sometimes suffer. I believe this is one of the biggest reasons why families love coming to Sunriver Oregon so much.

Sunriver is a place that helps you remember what it’s like to get back to nature and enjoy some good old fashioned family activities like bicycling and boating. In the end, it is these moments that we will most cherish as we reflect back on the precious time we spent with our friends and family. If you’ve ever wondered how much fun spending time in Sunriver can be…I give you the video below. It does a wonderful job of reminding us what family is all about, and just how much our natural surroundings can add to it. To quote from the filmakers words, “Sunriver…best family vacation ever!” I hope you enjoy it.

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