Sunriver Campaigns For Google Fiber Project

by Sunriver Homes on April 27, 2010

Sunriver put its best foot forward by requesting that the Sunriver community become one of the specially selected communities to receive high speed broadband from Google. If selected to become one of the special test communities, Sunriver would experience a serious overhaul in its internet connection speeds by allowing for a whopping 1 Gigabit per second transfer speed.

Just what can you do with that kind of bandwidth? Imagine downloading a High Definition movie within 5 minutes or viewing 3d medical charting while simultaneously consulting with specialists over the web, or watching a live 3d Astronomy lesson with fellow online classmates from all over the world. We’re talking about blindingly fast speeds that are 100 times faster than most Americans have available today.

Sunriver Community leaders feel they have a fair shot at being one of the communities that are chosen, given the fact that over 1,000,000 people visit Sunriver each year which would allow more people to observe the power of Google technology at work without Google having to wire hundreds of thousands of homes.

The pre-request to be considered for the Google Fiber project is now closed and those communities that are chosen are expected to be notified near the end of this year, 2010. Do you think Sunriver stands a chance at becoming part of the Google project?

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