Sunriver Homes For Sale

by Sunriver Homes on March 25, 2010

Sunriver is considered by many to be the Grand Dame of Resort Living here in the Central Oregon region.  No other resort community has the number of housing options, amenities, community or entertainment options as Sunriver.

Not surprisingly, Sunriver has taking on a bit of a cult following much like Sun Valley as the place to have a second home in the Pacific Northwest.  With over 1800 residents and situated on 3300 acres, it’s not hard to comprehend why living and vacationing here has been an attractive option since 1969.

Sunriver community features include a town Mall, Lodge, Spa, Airport, Observatory, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pools, Park, and Nature Center.  One could not mention Sunriver without talking about its Golf Courses which have brought the famous and not so famous from around the world to bask and play in the Central Oregon sun.

This blog will provide more details on the specific features that make Sunriver such as great place to vacation and live.

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