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Story Of A Pure Moment I Had In Sunriver Oregon

by Sunriver Homes on November 12, 2010

The darkness of the night was just enveloping Sunriver. The scent in the air was changing from a pungent pine forest, to a faintly mossy sage. The ground around me was beginning to emanate the heat from the sun earlier that day, and the ever so slightest, cool breeze wafted around me. It wasn’t the […]

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Yes…Sunriver Oregon Really Is That Special!

by Sunriver Homes on October 19, 2010

Sunriver Resort Morning from Cody Cha on Vimeo. I’ve been meaning to write a post about a special moment I had in Sunriver a few weeks ago. I promise I’ll blog about it and why it was so special, but in the meantime I came across the video above created by the talented Cody Cha […]

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Sunriver Aquatic Center Is Approved By Sunriver Homeowners

by Sunriver Homes on August 25, 2010

The much anticipated Sunriver Aquatic Center ballot measure passed with a final vote of 68.7% in favor of the measure, and according to the Sunriver Home Owners Association had the largest return of votes ever seen in Sunriver’s history. As I’ve stated before, I think passage of this measure will be great for Sunriver. The […]

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A Stellar Twist On Playing Golf In Sunriver

by Sunriver Homes on August 10, 2010

OK, we all know that if there is one sport that defines Sunriver it would have to be Golf. Golf helped put Sunriver on the map and make it one of the Pacific Northwest’s most beloved getaways. But let’s face it, Sunriver gets all four seasons and if you’ve every tried to play golf on […]

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