Sunriver Real Estate Sales Continue To Amaze

by Sunriver Homes on December 3, 2012

A Whopping 78 Sunriver Real Estate properties went pending sale or sold from September 1st through November 30th. That is a 30% increase in total sales over the same period in 2011. If you look at the entire year of Sunriver sales, 2012 sales figures are already nearly 16% higher than last year’s total sales and we still have a month to go in this year. Buyers are always looking for evidence to determine when the best time to enter the market is. The current evidence is very compelling.

Buyers have been extremely cautious in the past 5 years and rightfully so. The good news is we are now seeing significant improvements in the Sunriver marketplace that would seem to indicate that property values are stabilizing. If that stays true, then timing would indicate this is an outstanding time to buy your Sunriver Vacation Home. My Top 10 Sunriver Deals list has been extremely helpful for buyers looking for the best priced homes in the Sunriver marketplace. Be sure and sign up for my latest collection of best buys.

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Sunriver Real Estate Sales Sizzle In Summer!!!

by Sunriver Homes on August 16, 2012

Sunriver Real Estate sales saw an increase in sales of nearly 35% for the months of June & July over the same two months last year. Sunriver real estate inventory is down nearly 18% this year as compared to last year. A total of 53 properties went ‘pending sale’ or ‘sold’ in these last two summer months of June & July. Fairway Crest Village led the pack with most Sunriver neighborhood sales, followed closely behind by Mtn Village East. Here’s the breakdown of sales by neighborhoods in Sunriver:

Fairway Crest Village – 8 Sales
Mtn Village East – 7 Sales
Deer Park – 6 Sales
Forest Park – 5 Sales
Meadow Village – 5 Sales
River Village 4 Sales
Fairway Point Village – 3 Sales
Overlook Park – 2 Sales
Fairway Island – 1 Sale
Aspen Meadows – 1 Sale
Alpine Village East – 1 Sale
North Course Estates – 1 Sale

Listing prices on properties that received accepted offers went from a low of $169,000 for a Forest Park home on Otter, up to $1,499,000 for a home in Deer Park on Maury Mountain.

Here’s the breakdown for Fractional Sales and Condo Sales:

StoneRidge (Fractional) – 3 Sales
Fractional Single Family Home – 1 Sale
Wildflower (Condo) – 2 Sales
Abbot House (Condo) – 1 Sale
Powder Village (Condo) – 1 Sale
Meadow House (Condo) – 1 Sale

If you’ve seriously been considering a purchase of a Sunriver vacation home, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to take advantage of today’s low, low interest rates. To put the low rates into perspective, if you were to get a loan for $300k at today’s interest rates of 3.9% you would save approximately $159.00 a month over an interest rate of 4.9%. Just a 1% interest rate change makes that much difference in your monthly payment. That savings would pay for your monthly Sunriver Homeowners Association Dues, AND the SHARC Aquatic Center monthly assessment which many Sunriver homeowners opted for.

If you’d like to find out what Sunriver’s Top 10 Deals are in real estate, then sign up HERE. Now is a great time to be looking as we get to the end of the summer season. Sellers get anxious about seeing their property sold before the slower Fall season, which makes this an advantageous time to buy your Sunriver vacation home. Sunriver still has an excellent selection of single family homes, fractionally owned properties, and condos for sale. If you’re looking for something very specific or in a particular Sunriver neighborhood, I can send you exactly what you’re looking for as it becomes available.

In so many ways, Sunriver is setting the standard for vacation home living. It offers low monthly costs when compared to other luxury vacation communities, a robust community, state-of-the-art recreational facilities, and a re-energized spirit as you visit the Sunriver area. As your personal Sunriver real estate concierge, I can show you the many attractive options you have available.


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A Perfect Reason To Love Sunriver Oregon

by Sunriver Homes on July 1, 2012

Summer in Sunriver brings people from all walks of life together to enjoy all that mother-nature has to offer. If you visit Sunriver in the summer, you’ll notice that families especially love to gather together the parents, grandparents, kids and grandkids during the warm months of summer to spend some leisure time just enjoying one anothers company in the midst of the great outdoors. It’s really too bad that in the age of technology, computers, cell phones, video games and an the ever faster pace of life, that the precious time with our families can sometimes suffer. I believe this is one of the biggest reasons why families love coming to Sunriver Oregon so much.

Sunriver is a place that helps you remember what it’s like to get back to nature and enjoy some good old fashioned family activities like bicycling and boating. In the end, it is these moments that we will most cherish as we reflect back on the precious time we spent with our friends and family. If you’ve ever wondered how much fun spending time in Sunriver can be…I give you the video below. It does a wonderful job of reminding us what family is all about, and just how much our natural surroundings can add to it. To quote from the filmakers words, “Sunriver…best family vacation ever!” I hope you enjoy it.

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Sunriver Real Estate Sales Hit 40

by Sunriver Homes on June 14, 2012

The Sunriver real estate market began heating up this Spring during April & May with a total of 40 Sunriver properties going Pending sale, or Sold. Of the 40 properteries, 6 were Sunriver Condo sales and 34 were Sunriver Home sales.

Prices for Sunriver homes that sold ranged from $189,000 to $871,000. The top selling neighborhoods within Sunriver were:

Mountain Village East with 10 sales
Fairway Crest Village with 9 sales
Meadow Village with 6 sales
Forest Park with 4 sales
Deer Park with 3 sales
StoneRidge Townhomes with 2 sales
Powder Village with 2 condo sales

The remaining 4 sales were located in, Fairway Point Village, Meadow House, Eaglewood and Overlook Park. Sunriver inventory of homes for sale are 16% smaller than they were last year at this time, and total sales for the same period are higher than in 2011.

If you’re planning on visiting Sunriver and would like to see what vacation investment options are available to you, just give me a call at (541) 390-7878 or drop me an email. I also have a brand new list of the Top 10 best deals in Sunriver that you can pick up here.

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Find Sunriver Real Estate’s Top 10 Deals

by Sunriver Homes on June 14, 2012

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The Sunriver Aquatic Center (SHARC) is now open. You’re going to love all there is to do at the new pool complex in Sunriver. Features at the new Sunriver complex include:

1. Indoor Pool with Kids Water Playground, Vortex Pool, Water Basketball & Swim Lanes
2. Outdoor Kids Lagoon with zero entry
3. Pool Jungle Gym
4. Lazy River
5. 2 Water Slides
6. Meeting & Banquet Facilities
7. Outdoor Amphitheater
8. Park with Picnic Area, Playground, & Bocce Ball Court
9. Year Round Sledding Hill
10. Outdoor Basketball Court
11. Fitness Room
12. Adults Hot Tub
13. Café

All facilities will be open beginning Memorial Day Weekend 2012. On May 26th, the public is invited to experience all the facility has to offer for FREE by bringing 2 cans of food for each person in your party.

For Sunriver Homeowners and their rental guests (with qualifying guest passes or Owner I.D. Cards), entrance to the Sunriver Aquatic Center is free. The general public is also allowed entry for the following charges:

1. Adult Admission $25.00 per day which includes Sledding (ages 18+)
2. Child Admission $20.00 per day which includes Sledding (ages 4 -17)
3. Sledding Hill Only $15.00 per day

There are also package rates available to non-Sunriver owners at discounted rates. If you’d like the complete fee schedule and event schedule,
me and I’ll send them to you.

After touring the facility, it was easy to see how well planned of a project the Sunriver Aquatic Center was. It will certainly be an asset to Sunriver Homeowners and create more appeal to the vacationing public at large.

The entire Sunriver Resort area is seeing a long needed revitalization while keeping the natural paradise surroundings intact that so many people are drawn to. Sunriver real estate inventories are down and it appears we might be enjoying a long hot summer. Real estate deals can still be found. Sign up for my Top 10 Best Deals In Sunriver below and see what piece of paradise might be waiting for you!


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Sunriver Real Estate Sales Surprising For February & March 2012

April 3, 2012

Winters cold fingers finally hit Sunriver in February & March. Despite the cold rain and snow, sales of Sunriver Real Estate showed surprising consistency. Sales on Sunriver homes and condos were seen across the board and at every price level. A total of 7 Sunriver Condos went pending or sold during February & March 2012, […]

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Sunriver Real Estate Sales For January 2012 Show Increased Activity

February 4, 2012

Sunriver real estate sales for January 2012 started the year off with an increase in sales over January of 2011 by a wide margin. Total Sunriver properties that went ‘Pending Sale’ or sold were a total of 23 Sunriver properties. The breakdown of sales were as follows: 2 fractional properties in The Ridge, and StoneRidge. […]

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Sunriver Rentals, How To Get The Best Deals On Sunriver Vacation Rentals

January 24, 2012

When coming to visit Sunriver Oregon, many people want to know where they can find the best deal on a Sunriver vacation rental. Are there some hidden secrets to getting a discounted price on a Sunriver rental? The answer is yes! I’ve created a new video series called, “The Sunriver Real Estate Show” which will […]

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Sunriver Ice Skating, A Look At the New Ice Skating Rink at the Sunriver Village Mall

January 24, 2012

In episode one of my new video series, “The Sunriver Real Estate Show” we take a look at the new Sunriver Ice Skating Rink and what new features it has to offer to those who love this longstanding Sunriver tradition. Here’s a transcript of the show: Ice skating has been a part of the Sunriver […]

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